Dueling pianos are TWO PIANOS, played simultaneously by TWO PIANO PLAYERS. Both performers sing a wide variety of styles and perform requests made by the audience. It’s continuous entertainment where the variety is determined by the requests. Every show is unique. The best part is that YOU, the audience, drive the show. YOU decide what songs are played, and can even stop a song if you don’t want to hear it !

The Dueling Piano Show is SPONTANEOUS COMEDY. The players perform comedy bits, sometimes incorporating audience members on stage, so if you have someone special with you, send their name up as a request.

The Dueling Piano Show is about audience participation. That means CLAPPING along, some DANCING, but most importantly, SING-A-LONG. And we mean it. If we catch you not participating, we might ask you to do a solo ! You don’t have to be on pitch, you don’t have to have rhythm, you don’t even have to know the words, just participate, you’re bound to have a great time !

Just a quick disclosure…

Sometimes the performance contains sexual innuendos or twisted lyrics. This is not the Disney ride of PG entertainment. If you are easily offended, be forewarned. If, however, you really know how to let your hair down and have fun, you’ll have a blast ! 

( In case you’re wondering about the word "dueling", there is no shooting of guns involved…)

We are available for EVENTS, CLUBS AND private parties ANYWHERE. 

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